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Visiting Limburg

Bijgewerkt op: 28 okt. 2021

After all these years living in Belgium, I never really visited Limburg before.

Inspired by dozens of beautiful photography hotspots in the area, it was time to take a trip there!

I rented an airbnb with my girlfriend for 4 days, and off we went! My visiting list included C-mine in Genk, Vroenhoven bridge, Labiomista and others. However I can't give away all my locations, that would be too easy for you! ;)

What I can say is that I had an absolute blast discovering all these places. It's a shame I didn't come here sooner! Who knew that Belgium had so much beautiful scenery?

(Continue below pictures)

The trip took only four days, but it was well worth it. The highlight of my short stay was already met on the first day. A stop on the way there included the VLooybergtoren near Leuven. Basically it's a staircase that goes up in the sky and ends there. I looked up the mooncycle and used an app to define the correct time and place for the perfect picture. With the help of my girlfriend, we pulled it off!

This is the final result:

What do you think? I'm very interested to hear your opinion. Tips and tricks about how to capture moon shots are always very welcome!

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