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My first Exhibition!

In the aftermath of photographing concerts at Lokerse feesten, I had my work shown in an exhibition. For me and eight other young photographers, this is our very first exhibition!

Running from September 18th to November 6th, the Expo took place in three different places: during the first month, visitors could see our pictures at Vzw Vagevuur and JH Okapi, both venues in Lokeren, Belgium. Afterwards they were moved to Cultureel Centrum in Lokeren.

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Honestly, I was super excited. This is the first time I'd seen my work printed in this quality and showcased in an offical location. I am proud of the shots I made, and to experience this kind of recognition means a lot.

Hopefully, this is only the beginning of a long journey. I plan to continue doing concert photography and maybe even organise a second exhibition, who knows what the future holds? I was pleasantly surprised by all the people who showed interest to or visited this gallery, as I didn't expect it to get a lot of attention. Here's a huge thank you for everyone who was involved in any way, even if you didn't visit but are just reading this blogpost.

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