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Le Montavoies

As part of an elective by Carl Bourgeois, I had the unique opportunity to make a documentary about Wim Cuyvers and Montavoies. Wim Cuyvers is a well known belgian architect who mainly focusses on subjects such as public space and death. His work often adresses sensitive or controversial topics that invite people to think about their way of living. Le Montavoies itself is a domain on a mountain near Saint-Claude where he spends most of his time. Next to a refuge for strangers (Le Montavoix), Cuyvers also provides a place for juvenile delinquents to rehabilitate.

What started as a simple interview quickly evolved into a 3 day trip to Montavoies itself.

In collaberation with Fien De Vos, Constance de Crombrugghe and Jinte Kockelbergh, we made this experience into a documentary. You can watch it below:

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